Play-Based Learning

In recent years, there has been a surge in the trend of play-based learning. You may be asking yourself what is it and how can it help my child? If you are, we’ll guide you through the concept of play-based learning and why it is so important to your child’s development.

Your child deserves to have everything they need to thrive in both their educational needs and their welfare needs. This is where play-based learning comes in, as it allows your child to get first-hand experience and explore the world around them. They’re able to learn and grow both intellectually and physically as play-based learning encourages them to develop their fine motor skills early. This more hands-on approach can encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of the lessons we’re teaching, and it also broadens your child’s problem-solving skills by using practical methods that have fast results.

As your child plays, they participate in an unstructured child-centered free play. The educators supervise and observe to see what is holding your child’s attention, and they can then build their lessons around the objects that hold this child’s interest. The goal is to build play experiences that are interesting and stimulating while still subtly incorporating any goals or lessons.

This is a breakaway method of traditional learning. While traditional learning does work, play-based learning can be a more effective means to expose your children to learning experiences like gardening, mindfulness, cooking, and yoga. They would not have these experiences in a traditional classroom, and we want to change that. We believe that your child can learn more by experiencing and trying new things, and it is this idea that we’ve built our curriculum around.

Our Difference

We believe in combining a revolutionary “green” curriculum that allows our skilled team of educators to teach at least 50% of the daily activities outdoors in a real-world setting. We strive to have differentiation with our daily activities, and we have patterned our curriculum after the EYFS (early years foundation stage) method of teaching.

Our program also encourages independence, and we’re very careful to nurture this independence so that it grows and thrives as your child gets a better understanding of the world around them as a whole. The children in our program have direct access to outside learning environments from the front and back of the classrooms. They can also experience farming areas, mud kitchens, musical sensory trees, and a large water play area that has a built-in sprinkler system.

All of our educators believe that there should be no compromises when it comes to serving your child’s intellectual needs, and every lesson is tailored to maximize your child’s learning opportunities. We want to encourage your child’s curiosity, and our unique program gives them a place to develop and progress through their interests and passions.

Our Safety Measures

In addition to our revolutionary curriculum, we have taken several measures to ensure that your child has a safe and secure environment to play, learn, and explore. All the equipment in our classrooms and on our playgrounds have been sourced from internationally reputable companies. We’ve also taken steps to ensure we only use companies that comply with the international safety standards, and this helps to ensure that your child is safe and happy while they’re learning at our school.

This regard for your child’s safety doesn’t stop with our learning environment. Every staff member at
our school, from the security guards to the maids to the Board of Directors have taken and passed the full Safeguarding training program. Additionally, every staff member has completed full pediatric first aid and CPR training, and they hold international certifications. There is also a certified nurse as part of our staff. The safety of your children is one of our top priorities, and we take it very seriously so you can relax and feel confident and comfortable when you leave your child with us.