The Apple Tree – A World Class International Kindergarten

Experts will always tell you that the first years of a child’s life are the formative years. The cognitive thinking and behavioural skills essential for thriving adult life are groomed and developed during those early childhood years. We, as the educators, strive to deliver the best hands on learning experience available. Choosing a world-class international kindergarten with the facilities and resources to provide a sound educational foundation is a great place to start.

However, you would observe that a quick search for the best kindergarten in Bangkok would bring up a lot of options; all claiming to be the top of the line. This can make your ability to make the right choice a little more complicated. In a few short minutes, you will get an understanding of what a world-class early learning centre should look like and why the Apple Tree should be your first choice. But first, let us start with the basics.

How Early Should You Start Preparing Your Child’s Education Plan?

The moment you are aware that you are going to have a child, you should start making plans for your child’s education. With the right financial resources, your child can begin their learning at the earliest opportunity. However, if you have left the planning until much later, you still have time to get things right.

1. Assess your current financial standing

With a proper sense of what you have, you would be in a better position to plan and prepare for the financial cost of your child’s education. You should anticipate tuition fees as well as other costs associated with it.

2. Ask the right questions

This is not the time to make random guesses. Do your research and ask around. The internet provides a wealth of information.

How do You Choose the Best International Kindergarten in Bangkok for Your Child?

As mentioned earlier, when choosing the right kindergarten for your child, priority should be given to the quality of education your child receives. At this moment, you must keep your focus on a school that can meet your expectations in terms of providing a highly functional learning environment that still allows your child to be a child. Here are some of the things to look out for:

1. A school with a direct approach to teaching

Child development in a learning environment is fostered by a direct approach where the teacher is able to connect with the child through hands on activities. We have a set of curriculum that ensures our students education standards but we go above and beyond with our teachers to develop catered styles that fits each child’s personality and learning style. The child is also more likely to participate in educational programs and benefit from it because he or she experience hands on learning in school.

2. A school with a fun approach to education

While it is expected that education should be taken seriously, it is important that you are aware that learning is not a stoic affair. A school that ensures learning is a fun experience for your child should be moved to the top of your list. Such schools usually integrate fun learning tools like educational toys, learning through play and so on into the teaching process. This makes a lot of sense, after all, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy indeed.

3. A school with the right expertise

Your child’s early education may be happening in Bangkok but you have to look out for schools that are preparing them for a global stage. An English kindergarten with a curriculum that is of international standards is most ideal. Take things a step further by considering schools that engage certified teachers who are both skilled and specially trained to deliver the best learning experience for your child.

Why the Apple Tree International Kindergarten?

There are several reasons to choose us. One of them being the fact that we check all the boxes in the previous segment. But the foremost reason would have to be the fact the Apple Tree International Kindergarten is an internationally recognised early learning centre dedicated to championing excellence in the education of your child. Our passion for education is only rivalled by our commitment to laying the right foundation for your child’s educational future.

With the collaborative efforts of our team of educators, we are successfully able to consistently create a learning environment that is positive, safe and most importantly, fun. Our academic programmes which are tailored after the British Early Years’ curriculum ensures that your child is adequately prepared to succeed in their academic endeavours following their time with us.

Another thing that makes the Apple Tree International Kindergarten stand out is our hands on activities for kindergarten. We try as much as possible to use sensory play as a key part of our Early Years learning curriculum. These activities are designed to ensure that your kids can enjoy all the educational benefits of sensory play.

One of the sensory benefits of utilising this type of teaching method is the fact that we are able to engage your child both physically and intellectually in the learning process. It is after all our mission to create a holistic learning environment and this is very crucial to helping us achieve that.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Your Child to an International School?

When comparing the cost of education, generally speaking, international school tuition anywhere in the world at any level is expensive. This is because it is acknowledged that quality education does not come cheap. The same theory applies to international school fees here in Thailand.

Here at the Apple Tree International Kindergarten, we try to maintain reasonable tuition fees without compromising the quality of education that the child receives. It is almost impossible to put a price tag on something as valuable as education. But we understand and we strive to give you and your child the very best every step of the way.