Nursery September 2018 (The Sprouts)

The Sprouts have had an incredible first few weeks and everyone is getting settled into our routines. We are all getting to know each other better as the little ones gain confidence in themselves and grow more comfortable with us. We are so lucky to be learning with three very excited teams and are planning to create even more opportunities for the Sprouts to learn and explore all together.

We have had some wonderful explorations over the past six weeks. We began our year by learning about ourselves and our five senses. The Sprouts displayed a lot of curiosity (and some bravery) as we focused on each of the different senses. We continued with “people who help us” and each class focused on a different set of helpers: the police, fire fighters and doctors and began to flow into one another’s classrooms to explore different resources and encourage new friendships. We also investigated space. The children learned about the moon, stars and planets and had a lot of opportunities to be creative.

We are looking forward to another exciting month as the Sprouts develop their communication and language and we begin to create a more open and shared learning environment within the three classrooms.