Toddlers September 2018 (The Pips Class)

We have a great month in the Pips class! The children have done so well settling in to a new school, and we are all so proud of them. We can see a huge change in their self-confidence just by the way they are walking in to school each morning, keep it up Pips!

Over the past few weeks, we have spent time building relationships with one another and getting familiar with our peers as well as adjusting to the routine of the school day. They have been learning so many new skills ranging from feeding themselves to fine and gross motor skills. A few favourite activities we have explored are pom pom picking in the sensory tray, window washing in the garden, making animal masks and exploring the jungle. Most of these fun filled activities stemmed from the children’s love of animals and singing ‘Old Mc Donald Had A Farm’ and ‘5 Little Monkeys Swinging In A Tree’.

We are looking forward to another great month with the Pips, developing their communication and language further, exploring more fun activities using all our senses and also getting to know each other better.